Ability Electric Trike Shop

Our clients come from all over the US to try out our trikes, get professional advise, custom fitting just for them. Once you choose you trike and custom fitted, you can load it in your car and take it home or we can ship most anywhere in the US,
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Electric Catrike 700
Electric Catrike Road
Our Price: $5,390.00
Electric Catrike 700
Our Price: $5,190.00
Electric Sportster SL
Our Price: $6,199.00
A truly triangulated, air shock suspended Electric Catrike. A versatile ride for your favorite trail, commuting or any adventure.
An all-out speed Electric Catrike. Its aerodynamic seating position, fast rolling 700C wheel and high gears, give it top performance.
Electric Sportster SL
Electric Catrike Villager
Our Price: $4,850.00
Elecric Greenspeed Magnum
Our Price: $5,490.00
Electric Sportster Base
Our Price: $4,649.00
A high quality, adjustable, user-friendly Electric Catrike. With an extra wide cross member and high seat it is easy to get on and off yet very stable.
The Electric Magnum is the 1st recumbent trike to have a seat which is adjustable for height. Plus it is adjustable for angle as well.
Electric Sportster Base
Electric Catrike 5.5.9 Recumbent Trike
Electric Traveler Base
Our Price: $4,299.00
Electric Rambler Base
Our Price: $4,149.00
Electric Catrike 5.5.9
Our Price: $5,450.00
Electric Traveler Base Electric Rambler Base
Introducing the innovative Electric Catrike 5.5.9, a premium Grand Touring Catrike. Experience high performance and spirited long-distance rides with extraordinary comfort.
Electric Traveler 8 Speed
Our Price: $4,099.00
Electric Rambler GT
Our Price: $4,649.00
Electric Tour II GT
Our Price: $4,549.00
Electric Traveler 8 Speed Electric Rambler GT
Electric Tour II GT
Electric Traveler GT
Our Price: $4,799.00
Electric Tandem Pro
Our Price: $8,199.00
Introducing the new Electric Catrike Folding Trail. With convenient folding features it is easy to store and transport. With a padded seat it is luxuriously comfortable. Best of all it performs like a Catrike.
Electric Traveler GT
Electric Tandom Pro
Electric Catrike Expedition
Our Price: $4,790.00
Electric Sportster GT
Our Price: $5,149.00
A long wheel base Sport-Luxury Catrike. Capable of handling heavy loads for long distance touring and a fast performance ride.
Electric Rambler 8 Speed Nexus Electric Sportster GT
Electric Greenspeed GT3
Our Price: $4,990.00
Electric Tour II Base
Our Price: $4,049.00
Electric Greenspeed Hand Magnum draws on over twenty years of development at Greenspeed, plus has a host of new features over previous Greenspeed Hand Cycles.
Electric Greenspeed GT3 trike is ideal for weekend riders, commuters or even assisted touring. Made in a small and standard size, you should find one to suit you.
Electric Tour II Base
Electric Catrike Pocket
Our Price: $4,390.00
A Small Space Frame Electric Catrike with big features. It has a narrow track, is quick and lightweight. Perfect for smaller riders.